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Send me an email! cook.katherine at Happy to chat, about the trail, about the weather, whatever. 


3 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Paula

    Oh my god I love you! I would have felt the same way about the rude man in the park, I too would have remained quiet then I’d waste far to much time rehashing every aspect until finally letting it go hours later. I think your amazing and can hardly wait for your next entry as I’m living vicariously through your adventure, pain and all. happy SOLO hiking Paula.


  2. Olivia Pendergast

    Hi you! We are finally getting caught up on your journey! sounds like it has been amazing. I have some reading to do! We love you and think ofyou often and kiss you and dan dearly. Africa has not been without its challenges, as usual, but all and all it is cruising along OK now and we will be home in 3 weeks. So excited to come home and sit on my front porch and do my gardening. We may be coming with a Mr. Pumpkin Bun bun…rescue rabbit… We will see. I don’t know if he will make a 36 hour flight. Hate to leave him here to an african demise. Ok going to read your stuff!!! loving you so much…so glad you are safe and walking!!


  3. Joan Hanna

    Hi Olivia, I am dropping into other life styles as Katherine opens me up and rocks my world.
    holy macaroni 30 kids and hiking through cactus . just the tip of the iceberg…
    rescue bunnies and home from travels. looking for that hug at the Luna



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