Navigational and route support for this trail currently comes in three options:

  • The Hayduke Trail Guidebook by Joe Mitchell and Mike Coronella, the creators of the Hayduke Trail and it’s first hikers in 1998 and again in 2000. The guidebook was published in 2005 and so has lost some up-to-date relevance, but has maps and route descriptions paired with mileage.
  • The Hayduke Trail Bundle by Andrew Skurka, who thru-hiked the Hayduke Trail in 2009. He compiled all the information he used to prepare for his hike into one downloadable bundle, including maps, water charts, mileage charts, and other important issues relevant to thru hikers.
  • A map set from Li Brannfors (who also maintains a map set for the PNT, AZT, GDT, and other trails).

I will carry a GPS on this route, as well as the maps mentioned above and, of course, a compass. Route-finding is rumored to be occasionally tricky, though for varying reasons: sometimes picking the right route through a densely-featured landscape, sometimes finding the only way through a pour-off, down a ledge, or off a bench.


There aren’t a lot of options with this. When the route was first created, the guidebook authors relied on caching and some hikers still do in order to shorten food carries and bolster water supplies. There are very few on-route resupply opportunities, and the off-route towns require long and sometimes difficult hitches. However, I won’t be caching supplies, no no! I’ll work out the hitches as they come. For now, my general resupply towns are these (subject to change of course):

  • Moab, UT
  • Needles Outpost, UT
  • Hite Marina on Lake Powell, UT
  • Hanksville, UT
  • Escalante, UT
  • Tropic, UT
  • Kanab, UT
  • Jacob’s Lake, AZ
  • Grand Canyon Village, AZ
  • Colorado City, AZ



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