Quick update

I’m in Colorado City. Also wow! That’s what I can say about the last ten days from South Rim in the Grand Canyon to Colorado City Arizona. I have a blog post and photos for each exceptional day, but they are going to have to wait until I have wifi (and until I can fix my broken camera memory card), both of which will happen right in about a week. I just wanted to send a quick post out to say that

  1. I’m okay!
  2. I had an amazing time! 
  3. I’ll be posting more details soon! 

Look for updates in about week or so. On to Zion!


7 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. Sally

    Glad you are ok !! I will be eager to hear how that alternate route was . I looked at Stecks description of the area after Crystal and climbing up to the Flint /Tuna saddle
    ( they descended ) sounded a little precarious ! And taking the lower and longer route looked just that , LONG !
    Relieved to see your post ! 😊

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  2. Daya Goldschlag

    Thinking bout you very very often. Glad to know your ok and had a swell time thru the Grand Canyon. You know it quite intimately now. Hope you’ve got Ted’s tune and the photo of me greeting you at Weeping Rock. We loves ya lots, Daya


  3. peter

    K! so glad that you are OK. I hadn’t received any posts about your trip until today… so I was anxious when the very first post I ever read began with THREE DAYS of TERROR!
    I quickly read through the 10 days of posts, that all showed up in my inbox in 10 minutes, and it appears that you are alright. It sounds epic. I had pictured you on a ‘hiking’ trip not hanging on cliff faces with a 55 lb pack or scrambling through gullies filled with marbles. We have also had some epic adventures, beyond the usual and daily near death trips to the store in the car. We will talk and drink and laugh soon. Peace and love. P


  4. Mark Wilson

    Wow, so glad I found this blog. Epic seems so understated. I have hiked parts of your route through the GC and you make facing some of the challenges seem easy by not even mentioning them, such as the down climb through the Narrows at Deer Creek. You are the human equivalent of a spider! Thank you for sharing your experience.



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