In Escalante

Just a quick note that most of my town chores have successfully been accomplished and I’m now working on finding a ride back out to the Hurricane Wash Trailhead on Hole-In-The-Rock Road (30 dusty dirt road miles away). Last meal, last blog post, last loving conversation with my honey, and then back out into the wilderness I go. The next section is a long 145 miles through a lot of waterless canyons. I hope to arrive in Tropic Utah in around 10 days with all the dirt reapplied. Look for updates then. 

Oh, and I think maybe no poison ivy! 


6 thoughts on “In Escalante

  1. christian swenson

    Katherine, Love the pix (oh, all that goh-geous rock!), the amazing commentary, your endurance, your humor, all of it. Had a fine evening out w/ Dan, and the _ jam at Velocity was good! Had the whole place to ourselves! Love, Christian


  2. Daya Goldschlag

    Hi Dear One: Can’t believe all you’ve gone thru and so far survived (keep on surviving and keep up with all your appreciation!). I am very glad to read it is probably not poison ivy – that seemed like just too much piled on. What amazing, incredible landscape you have become absolutely intimate with. Thank you for keeping us informed along the way and with such a fine mind and heart and body. And great photos. I am thinking of you very often. Much love your way, Daya


  3. Daya Goldschlag

    One of the benefits of this huge adventure of yours is, for me, a way of putting my life in perspective. When out comes and “oy” with some little set back or disappointment or diffculty I think about what you are dealing with daily (and nightly) and I realize how easy my existence is and give a “thank you”. Gratitude to you dear, Daya

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  4. Rebecca Wittmann

    Hi Katherine – I just caught up reading all your posts (I did not see the notifications in the “social tap” for a while). Glad to hear you are doing ok and that Dan is getting your daily location info. Luca and I look at the beautiful pics and we are thinking of you. Sending you love and stamina for the part ahead of you!!


  5. basenjack

    sending love and light for the next portion of your journey. The dogs and I just got back from a great Sierra trip; including off trail orienteering, a scramble up to (and down from) about 8000 feet, and a longer fall than intended onto an ankle. Great mini trip for me, I am so excited to hear how the next leg of your journey goes. Be safe and have a blast. šŸ™‚



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