The next Day three: Moab

I woke up early in the bottom of Courthouse Wash and sleepily packed my things to the sound of bird calls. I was faster, flowing between objects and stuff sacks and it took almost no time to have the entire package tidy on my back. I left camp a little before seven and walked the last fifteen minutes of Courthouse Wash to where it meets the highway. From there a scant few miles of a bike path took me right into town. I stopped at a cafe for breakfast, took care of some blogging, and then went to the Post Office to pick up a new backpack. I decided to switch to a larger and more durable backpack for this trip when I packed my bag before the first day and admitted to myself that I was feeling some anxiety about the capacity of my beloved pack. I still love you pack. I’ll come back to you. But for now I will go with something that carry more weight and volume, a boon on the legs ahead where resupply stops and water are both scarce. 

After making the switches the new pack and grieving the old before mailing it home, I did my resupply shopping and yet again have too much food (by the way, I had too much food last time too). I can’t seem to shop for myself right now and am lugging around generous amounts. This list is what I currently have in my backpack. 

2 couscous

2 Mac n cheese

1 ramen
1 bag quinoa (2 servings)
2 tuna packets
Giant bag of trail mix
13 bars
Bag of prunes
4 pb packets 
2 boxes Mary’s gone crackers
6.5 oz bag sesame trail mix
Instant refried beans (8.75 oz) 
Largish bag of peanut m&ms and Reese’s pieces mix
1/2 bag uncle eddies cookies
Bag of Fritos
Pretzel chips 
Newman Os
Bag of Poppycock 
Since the next section is only four days away, I have a ridiculous, astonishing amount of food. But I won’t go hungry (and I get to eat poppycock). 
After Erin and I had both finished our town chores, we left Moab behind on a brief roadwalk along the Colorado River and then a beautiful mountain bike trail winding high above the river on a canyon wall. We are well poised to push into the next section from a high camp, where, though it’s supposed to be below freezing tonight, I’m sure the stars will be amazing. 
The next section heads towards Canyonlands National Park, where I’ll stop by Needles Outpost to resupply before heading through the park, and then over to Hite Marina on Lake Powell six days later, and finally to Hanksville a few days after that. The next 12 days aren’t likely to have cell service, not until I get to Hanksville. I’ll post an update if I can before then, but don’t worry if you don’t hear from me in the next 12 to 15 days. 

10 thoughts on “The next Day three: Moab

  1. Susan finkel

    Hi Katherine,
    Just saw this, and it combines your first three days, which sound like a great start, but in one reading.
    Want you to know that I am eagerly awaiting your blogs, and not sure why I didn’t get the earlier ones, but will make sure to get them all when you write them.
    Much love to you as you embark. Looks like a fun/challenging/exciting/hard/ and compelling experience.


  2. intrek40

    Dispite all the discomforts that come with the start of a hike, it looks like you two are off to a good start. Enjoy your Journey Katherine & Wired… Uncle B / just Bruce


  3. miss alix

    I am very excited to have stumbled upon your blog this evening. I read your previous hike on the PNW trail last year, long after you had finished, and just loved it. Looking forward to reading along on your journey!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Daniel

      Sounds like a great start. Looking forward to your next updates.
      The dogs and I are heading out for a training trip in a couple weeks. We were waiting for the snowpack to become navigable, but with the recent Sierra snow survey showing 5% normal, I think we will go ahead and start our short trips in April this year.
      Can’t wait to hear more from the Hayduke… Enjoy the walk. 🙂


  4. christian swenson

    Hi Katherine, Your pics are making me jealous already…. You just posted day 3. I’m about to send a video of me dancing with Spring, you and Lisa to my surgeon. He’s a bit shocked I’m dancing already… Ha!
    Onward, you amazing woman!!!
    Dan, thanks for the findmespot link, very cool!
    – Christian


  5. Michal Lahav

    Hi Katherine, Just thinking about you. Wishing you well when it’s cold. Wishing you well when it’s hot. I hope you are taking good care of your body and mind. We’re all rooting for you here.


  6. Maria

    We are following along with much joy and glad to know all is well. The kids are still talking about meeting the goats and can’t wait for your return (and can’t quite comprehend how far away it is). We’re thinking about you and the many steps you are taking. Enjoy.


  7. Earl Williams

    You are a most excellent writer and photographer and your trips fascinate me. This one especially as you describe the canyons and the color as I remember it. In fact you bring all aspects of the trek to our homes graphically. Thank you so much for creating and maintaining such a wonderful record of your visit. It doesnt get any better than your blog.



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