Looking for some adventure? New horizons, colorful sunsets, and sand? Welcome welcome!

I’m planning to hike the Hayduke Trail in April and May of 2015. I’ll keep a blog of the hike on this site where you can join me in spirit on this wild adventure. Also here: me, the Hayduke Trail, gear, and logistics. Explore at your leisure.

The Hayduke Trail is an 800-mile backcountry hiking route winding it’s way through the Colorado Plateau. Is it good hiking tread? Not often! Road walking? Sometimes! Bushwacking? Hell yes! Hikers should come prepared for a remote and untamed wilderness experience in one of the most devastatingly beautiful areas of the US. At least, that’s what I’ve been told. Come along with me and we’ll find out together what it’s like.

The trail is off in the dusty future so posting may be sporadic over the next month. However, stay tuned for site edits, date adjustments, gear tweaks, and all around planning fun. In the meantime, for your reading pleasure, check out the blog of a potential hiking ally: http://www.walkingwithwired.com/.


3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Kris

    Hello Katherine!
    First, best of luck on your upcoming journey! I too will be hiking the Hayduke Trail this year, although from South to North and a bit later in the season. I’m also organizing my masters thesis around thru-hiking and I was wondering if we could exchange some emails to see if you would be interested in contributing to my data collection. Cheers, -Kris


  2. Gromit

    There are times out there where you will feel like you are exploring some alien planet. Enjoy! Dance in the night in a red rock amphitheater to a chorus of coyotes! The rocks will cheer (they get very little entertainment there).


  3. Joan Hanna

    Hello Katherine, Karen just turned me on to your blog..I am thrilled ..started reading backwards from about day 45 before I thought… start at the beginning this is like so cool women
    you are my hero, living my fantasy ….I was hiking in the Canyon, first time at 75 years and two new hips….managed to keep up with my grands, the 8year old jus danced from rock to rock
    all the way down and up, well 2 hours down and up and up….Your words fill me with awe and wonder, thank you for sharing your life….Hope you will be back and able to come dance vashon
    with a seattle crowd for the week end of July 11-12.
    Breathing in your adventure,



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